WWE May See Creative Shift: Gewirtz Could Succeed Triple H

WWE eyes potential creative leadership transition.

by Noman Rasool
WWE May See Creative Shift: Gewirtz Could Succeed Triple H
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Since stepping down in 2022, Vince McMahon had continued to take a less leading role in WWE, where Triple H has been steering the ship in WWE as the leading creative force determining how the company scripts and produces its shows.

But discussions among a small group of wrestling fans, sparked by recent comments from Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, indicate a creative leadership change in the pipeline—a move that could see Brian Gewirtz coming in for the reins from Triple H.

When The Rock, also dubbed The Brahma Bull, returned with all the fanfare fans would expect from such an occasion, he blew the wrestling world because he didn't only return on-screen but also joined the board. Now, the reports are confirming from PWInsider that Brian Gewirtz, a former WWE writer, is back with the company, and there are some signs indicating that he could be back to represent The Rock in the creative department.

Bischoff Backs Gewirtz

During one of the editions of his "83 Weeks" podcasts, Eric Bischoff highlighted the potential sticking points between The Rock and Triple H, which he termed as an eternal feud, existing for more than two decades.

However, he credited Gewirtz for being creative and probably would like WWE to change creative leadership to Gewirtz. "Given who is at the creative helm right now—that being Hunter—the idea of Brian stepping in is not an unwelcome thing.

My admiration for the job that Hunter has done is a matter of record, and I am not calling for his ousting. But the return of Brian can only be seen as a gift to the creative landscape," Bischoff said. Such talks included whispers even around a possible in-ring bout pitting Triple H vs.

The Rock, as the two had had recent interactions on SmackDown. The rumormill was further squashed when PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported how such a match hasn't, and won't be, happening, with the specific allusion to health problems having Triple H out of in-ring competition.

The teaser of the two legends clashing at WrestleMania 40 appeared to be unfounded, and the WWE Universe will get to enjoy watching. With changing creative leadership potentially portending yet another new page for a company that truly synthesizes the deep legacy of yesteryear with a new, reinvigorated vision when it comes to its storylines.

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