Increased Audience Numbers for WWE RAW on February 19 Episode

WWE RAW shines amid fierce sports entertainment competition.

by Noman Rasool
Increased Audience Numbers for WWE RAW on February 19 Episode
© WWE/YouTube

The viewership numbers are in for the February 19 episode of WWE RAW, which aired on the USA Network. The show has seen a nice increase in numbers from last week's airing. In earlier years, this was the latest of the WWE RAW series episodes on Monday, drawing an average of 1,870,000 viewers, with a rating of 0.63 posted in the very important 18-49 demographic, according to Programming Insider.

That's compared to last week's airing on the 12th, which saw an average of 1,747,000 viewers and had a 0.56 rating within the same demographic. WWE RAW on Monday night had some unfriendly competition from the Daytona 500. In fact, it topped all other cable TV offerings during the night in the 18-49 demographic, aside from the allure of the season-opening speedway event.

RAW's Viewer Surge

The headliner match, anticipated by the fans, had to be Jey Uso vs. GUNTHER for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The game would result in a twist of fate as Jey Uso's victory was spoiled by his brother, Jimmy Uso, interfering.

It was also a relevant win for Chad Gable on the night and a defeat for Cody Rhodes in a single match against Drew McIntyre, who had the backing of Solo Sikoa. An increase in the viewers of the episode on the 19th of February, even when the Daytona 500 was going on, just goes to show WWE RAW has one of the most amazing audience pulls and has the content that is squarely within the minds of the viewers.

Some of the probable factors that would see to it that the show has an increase in its viewership numbers include the storylines, the type of matches to be contested on, the results in every single match, and the combination of champions who have already established themselves, while a good number are upcoming stars.

WWE could thus amplify these to sustain and probably grow viewership. Keep a captivated storyline that even cuts across episodes, involving the use of talents young and old and adding elements of surprise, which could count for sticking to the program.

Further, they are ways of aiding in cementing or adding interest from their viewership that includes engaging with fans on social media and virtual platforms to carry out the storyline in between the rings. ts entertainment.