4 WWE Stars Aiding Ripley at Elimination Chamber with Ulterior Motives

WWE's Perth event sets stage for epic showdowns.

by Noman Rasool
4 WWE Stars Aiding Ripley at Elimination Chamber with Ulterior Motives
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WWE universe titan and standout figure of professional wrestling, Rhea Ripley, is gearing up for an iconic showdown that will rock the roof at Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia. With, perhaps, no other wrestler having that much charisma and confidence within the ring, she is just electric while within the squared circle.

This weekend, she faces Nia Jax in a match that has been awaited with great anticipation, a match that is supposed to determine not only who is best but also whether Ripley can keep her Women's World Championship title, which she has been defending fearlessly since she overcame Charlotte Flair last year at WrestleMania.

That would set the stage back in Ripley's home country, with the crowd number expected to surge as high as 50,000 fans, which is probably well over the capacity of the biggest WWE event. Of course, there's still an air of mystery to be unfolded, but buzz indicates a possible twist involving unexpected interference from another WWE superstar—perhaps with his or her own secret intentions.

Ripley's Potential Allies

The speculated allies of her are R-Truth, the embodiment of comedy, and himself one of the fan favorites for one of the longest times. Despite his comical persona on the outside, R-Truth's recent affiliation with The Judgment Day suggests it might be more strategic play at hand that may end up helping Ripley curry favor with the group's leaders.

And also to add on that list is the great figure in women's wrestling, Becky Lynch, who comes up as another probable name of an ally for Ripley. Being on a collision course with Ripley at WrestleMania, Lynch may have interfered to make that happen so that she gets to ensure her path crosses with Ripley's on wrestling's grandest stage.

Another powerhouse by the name of Raquel Rodriguez had issues with Nia Jax on a personal front and might even be a good choice for the one who influences the outcome of the match. However, her motives are likely more along the lines of wanting to see Jax lose as opposed to seeing Ripley win, adding another twist to the dramatic events.

Finally, the time has come when Nikki Cross—her former tag-team partner—can unite or rather start again with a brand new partner with some brand new identity inside The Judgment Day. Cross's potential involvement can, of course, be pointed out as a turning point in her WWE journey despite the way she has been used—or more appropriately, underused—till now.

With the wrestling world's eyes on Perth, these four superstars will be ready for battle—one that each is fighting for reasons of their very own that could change the fate of this high-stakes match.

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