Tyler Breeze Describes Main Roster Move as 'Bittersweet'

Exploring Breeze's Transition from NXT to Main Roster

by Atia Mukhtar
Tyler Breeze Describes Main Roster Move as 'Bittersweet'
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In an incredibly candid sit-down with "Developmentally Speaking," Tyler Breeze—formerly of WWE and recently released in June of 2021—chronicled his ascent from WWE's developmental brand, NXT, to the main roster—a path that he called "bittersweet." Breeze, known for his flamboyant, selfie-obsessed ring character, talked about how he was first scared by the whole thing and then went through a million different emotions leading up to it.

Breeze had a very good run by today's NXT standards, and it was more than a given that he would be called up sooner rather than later to one of the main rosters. "I'm not going to lie; I was a little bit nervous. It was bittersweet in that moving up is progress, but it also meant leaving NXT, a brand that I had grown quite fond of," said Breeze, who enjoyed his time down in NXT and recounted some of the best storylines that he was a part of.

"This time, it was just a hard one to pitch.

Breeze's Character Concerns

When it was early on, I knew that the character that I built for myself and kind of the thing that I had going on wasn’t going to translate as well to Raw or SmackDown as it did in NXT," he said.

This is one of those apprehensions—mostly due to the differences in audience and production value—around the brands. But despite those complaints, Breeze's time on the main roster had quite a few highlights, including a run with Dolph Ziggler.

The two shared a bit of a career renaissance together, although there were still times when Breeze seemed somewhat lost in the shuffle. It wouldn't be until he was partnered with Fandango to become 'Breezango'—the criminally underused and oft-cited punching bag of misutilization—that his career would receive the proper jolt it so richly deserved.

Breeze is currently working as a coach at the WWE Performance Center, sharing his years of in-ring experience with the new talent of the WWE. His perspective regarding his career brings out quite an interesting insight into the complexities and emotional aspects of such transitions within the professional wrestling world.

Breeze’s transition from NXT to the main roster was not all sunshine and lollipops but rather reflects the durability and transition from one to another that is required of a professional wrestler in this day and age.

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