Sullivan Critiques Reigns' Schedule Backlash

Wrestling legend addresses fans' views on WWE star's workload.

by Atia Mukhtar
Sullivan Critiques Reigns' Schedule Backlash
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In the high-stakes world of professional wrestling, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has notoriously dialed back his in-ring performances, sparking a mix of criticism and understanding from fans and those within the industry.

Reigns ascended to the pinnacle in WWE as its Undisputed Universal Champion, inducting 2021 in particular as the year he wrestled fewer matches than ever before. It has not gone without saying by many—especially wrestling fans who miss some of the athletic and charismatic displays Reigns usually gave.

But there is one who's on the other side, and it is a great wrestling personality that is Kevin Sullivan. Of course, he is very respected from his outstanding wrestling career in WCW as a competitor and for his booking skills.

He appeared recently on his podcast "Tuesdays with the Taskmaster," and he seemed a little irritated with some of what he's been hearing lately about Reigns. He mentioned these are the kind of problems of a personal nature that are quite tough for a man like Reigns to battle through.

Reigns' Resilient Journey

Reigns, of course, has a much-documented journey through adversity, most notably his two battles with leukemia. Reigns was first diagnosed shortly after breaking into a professional football career in 2007, fought his first bout with the disease, and got to remission in 2009.

Then, in 2018, he relapsed when already established as WWE Champion, being taken from competition for 4 months, where there was a lot of uncertainty but he had the support from the fans and the coworkers. Reigns' tearful return in February 2019, announcing his disease was once again in remission, was one of the most emotional moments in WWE history.

Sullivan's comments joined a larger conversation amid the wrestling community on the demands made of its performers and the need to zero in on health and well-being. With Reigns, who will always have to work his career around past health issues, it really does put a reminder of the human element into a sport that so very often forgets to put that in.