Ex-WWE Star Ricardo Rodriguez Launches Wrestling School, Credits Great Khali

Rodriguez's Global Wrestling Journey Shapes New Training Venture.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Ricardo Rodriguez Launches Wrestling School, Credits Great Khali
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Ricardo Rodriguez, widely recognized for his role as Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer during his tenure with WWE, has transitioned into the world of independent wrestling promotion and training. In a candid conversation on the podcast "Under The Ring," Rodriguez shared insights into how his extensive experience in the wrestling industry has shaped his current venture into training aspiring wrestlers.

Reflecting on his WWE days, Rodriguez expressed how the diverse teaching methodologies he encountered have greatly influenced his approach to training. "My time in WWE was incredibly educational. Each coach had their unique way of imparting knowledge, which taught me that learning is not one-size-fits-all.

This realization has been pivotal in how I approach training today," Rodriguez remarked. Rodriguez's journey also led him to The Great Khali's wrestling academy in India, where he contributed as an instructor. He noted that while Khali's presence was sporadic, the wrestling icon's influence in India was undeniable.

"Khali's intermittent visits and guidance were a spectacle in themselves, though I found myself at odds with some of his suggested techniques, given his limited physical involvement in the training," Rodriguez shared.

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Despite the differences in training philosophies with Khali, Rodriguez's experiences in India enriched his understanding of the diverse facets of wrestling.

This exposure has been instrumental in the establishment of the Three Legacies Wrestling Academy in 2022, located in Pennsylvania, USA. Rodriguez is committed to imparting a comprehensive wrestling education to his students, drawing from the myriad of styles and techniques he's encountered throughout his career.

"Being around various wrestling personalities and absorbing their unique styles has been invaluable. It's this wealth of knowledge that I aim to pass down to the students at Three Legacies Wrestling Academy. It's about more than just moves; it's about understanding the art form in its entirety," Rodriguez emphasized.

As Rodriguez continues to build his wrestling academy, his journey from a WWE personality to an independent trainer embodies the spirit of wrestling's rich and diverse culture, promising a new generation of wrestlers equipped with a blend of traditional techniques and innovative approaches.

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