Ex-WWE Star Clears Up Myth on Eddie Guerrero

Unveiling truth in wrestling's realm, a family speaks out.

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Star Clears Up Myth on Eddie Guerrero
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In what is bound to be a very interesting development for wrestling fans, former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero came forward recently to set the record straight on a rumor that involved his cousin, the great Eddie Guerrero, who has since passed away.

This came after American TV personality rapper Vanilla Ice claimed in a YouTube video that he got the car featured on Lowrider magazine 16 years ago and alluded that Eddie used to bring that car out during his iconic ring entrances.

Responding through social media platform X, Chavo Guerrero denied Vanilla Ice's claims. He emphasized that the car had not been put on television and also that it had not been owned by Eddie Guerrero. Chavo told how he possessed the original 1963 SS Impala convertible Lowrider that had great emotional value to him, since it was a car that they actually drove on WWE TV.

Then an interesting turn of events was introduced by John Cena in the story, as it emerged that following Eddie's death, he had bought the car, after which he donated it back to Chavo, who later repaired it.

Legacy Beyond Lowriders

Chavo Guerrero explains the further deep personal connection and memories attached with the Lowrider, hence distancing it from what Vanilla Ice says.

This also represents the fact that the legacy of Eddie Guerrero continues and will always continue, as he was one such respected and treasured personality in professional wrestling due to his outstanding talent and glowing charisma.

The character that WWE fans continue to express known lovingly as "Latino Heat" represents the influence Eddie had on them. Chavo Guerrero had also taken the opportunity while featuring on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast to further shine more light on WWE using Eddie Guerrero's name for commercial purposes even after his death.

He expressed that he was very concerned with the financial revenues flowing in from the long-gone legacy of Eddie. He insisted on his daughters being able to share something from their father's name and fame. That speaks to the family-oriented aspect and moral obligation that comes with leaving behind wrestling stars such as Eddie Guerrero.

This is because his legacy does not only lie within the sport but stretches to touch the lives of the loved ones and fans.

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