Liv Morgan Eyes Big WWE Achievement in 2025: "Next Year is My Year"

WWE's Liv Morgan sets ambitious goal for 2025.

by Noman Rasool
Liv Morgan Eyes Big WWE Achievement in 2025: "Next Year is My Year"
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WWE superstar Liv Morgan is setting herself for a game-changing goal in 2025, and targeting a milestone which has eluded her even before she was promoted to the grandest stages of wrestling. Reigning as the former SmackDown Women's Champion, who has enamored millions of fans, Morgan had made a return onto the WWE scene on the night of the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event last month, and entered as the final contender in the much-awaited 30-woman Royal Rumble match, with the re-emergence of Morgan relished by millions.

In a recent interview with TNT Sports, Morgan spoke from the heart, revealing her dreams and what kind of burden there is in that return. "Being the 30th entrant is a privilege, a spot that carries the weight of expectation and surprise.

So, for me, Liv Morgan, to fill that spot—it felt like validation of all the hard work and dedication put into that ring," said Morgan. According to her, looking at the past performances from the Royal Rumble events, she says that she has a lot of hope for herself the next time around.

"Having drawn as the second entrant last year and gone till the final moments and entering at number 30 this year and again reaching the end, I am filled with hope that next year will be the year when I will be victorious," said Morgan.

Morgan's Elimination Quest

This Saturday in Perth, Australia, Morgan is all set for her fifth appearance in the daunting steel structure, Women's Elimination Chamber Match. In her four previous attempts, Morgan is still searching for her first Elimination Chamber victory.

Morgan first entered the Elimination Chamber in 2019, competing for the first-ever Women's Tag Team Championships in a match that featured the talent and toughness of WWE's female superstars. For the 2024 Women's Elimination Chamber Match, in the world of wrestling, the question arises of whether this year will be it: Liv Morgan finally has her hand raised in victory after escaping the Elimination Chamber.

With that purpose and support from the fans, Morgan is as determined as she has ever been to make her aspirations for 2025 a reality.

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