Becky Lynch Predicted Winner at WWE Chamber '24

Anticipation mounts for WWE's thrilling showdown in Australia.

by Noman Rasool
Becky Lynch Predicted Winner at WWE Chamber '24
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: The Internet will be shouting out loud as the event gets closer and closer, coming with big sensations to be found at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024. Airing at 5 a.m. E.S.T. and streaming live on Peacock, this year's Chamber emanates from Australia, where past WWE Titles have changed hands, setting the stage for dramatic developments on The Road to WrestleMania.

For the Women's Royal Rumble winner, it doesn't matter, as she has an open contract to choose any champion in the WWE, but she wants the WWE Title. Also, the spotlight falls on Women's Elimination Chamber Match to decide who will be walking into WrestleMania 40 to challenge Rhea Ripley for the World Title.

Going through the chances of every contender of the Women's Chamber, it gives an analysis that gives insight if they could win or lose in the match. Naomi is, without a doubt, the most talented woman in this match, but she looks to have the slimmest chance of walking away with the victory because of her storyline, moving into yet another tag team title reign.

The options for a tag team partner for her look to have been narrowed down to Dakota Kai and the unlikely Tamina. Tiffany Stratton has been just called up to the main roster and is another talent considered to have been recently promoted; she will be a long-shot.

Little experience on the main roster and an ongoing feud with Bianca Belair make her an unlikely candidate for a title shot at WrestleMania. Equally, Raquel Rodriguez with her recent return and previous title shot has a remote possibility, although her potential betrayal against Liv Morgan is something most people would like to see in the WrestleMania storyline.

Belair & Morgan's Odds

And then, Bianca Belair is the dark horse in this match, tried-and-tested with lots of history behind her. Currently, however, she has a slight issue with her partner, Stratton, so obviously, she's got other things in mind.

And then, for Liv Morgan, it very well could be an interesting storyline with Ripley, too, but chances are there will be a feud with Rodriguez to put a bow on it at WrestleMania. From there, that leaves Becky Lynch with the best chance at coming out the victor in the Elimination Chamber.

Her record, the storyline with Ripley, and a probable showcase match at WrestleMania put her in the front of the line. And from there, Becky Lynch's victory would be even more historic, as it would set up a highly anticipated showdown with Ripley that would further elevate the upstart Raw women's division.

As the WWE universe holds its breath to see how this all turns out, one thing is very clear: the Elimination Chamber in 2024, with Becky Lynch poised to pick up speed and power by the time it rolls around, seems a virtual lock to serve as one critical stepping stone toward WrestleMania.

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