Fresh Booking Photo Released of WWE Legend Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch

Exploring the transformative journey of a wrestling icon.

by Noman Rasool
Fresh Booking Photo Released of WWE Legend Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch
© Caltaholic Wrestling/YouTube

Recently, Tammy Sytch, or the name 'Sunny', the person that most people from the WWE Universe come to associate with, has been moved to Florida's Lowell Correctional Institution for her 17-year prison term. She was jailed for a drunken driving incident which led to the death of an individual.

At 51 years old, the most recent picture of Sytch clearly presents quite a difference from her WWE primes, now exuding an almost sullen air. The home to Sytch prior to this location was the Florida Women's Reception Center in Ocala.

Lowell is now officially her home, as it is a prison that houses only female inmates. Now, the total number of prisoners held at Lowell Correctional Institution is about 1000 and is considered one of the main correctional institutions for female offenders throughout the state.

She would go on to do over 15 years with those numbers, and that would drastically alter life.

WWE Lowell's Rehab Programs

However, Lowell does give some sunshine in the shade through their rehabilitation program and how differently they roll.

According to TMZ, these run the gamut from cosmetology to culinary arts, even equine care, and training on heavy machinery. However, the programs are not just for rehabilitation but also serve as an essential support system for prisoners who are having some such issues as alcohol addiction—something that Sytch herself struggled with in the past.

Spartan as it may be, the Lowell meals supposedly have an alternating menu that provides basic variety, including servings of oatmeal, pancakes, meatloaf, fish pattydefinitely not worthies, and others. In simpler words, the food service schedule is in place to accommodate prisoners' nutritional needs with institutional compromises.

She was looking forward to possibly getting some kind of work detail in the prison, which would offer a routine and quite possibly something constructive to do in her day. Now, she'll try to build a life within the prison walls while she uses her calendar to mark off each day, counting down toward January 2040, the year during which she hopes to be released.

Today's story of Sytch's life is redolent of a morality tale writ bold, where the stark solemnity of moral values is bound up in the reality of how her crime landed her in prison for close to 20 years.