Dana Brooke Sends a Message to Sarah Logan

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Dana Brooke Sends a Message to Sarah Logan

Wrestling matches do not end the correct way sometimes. There is no winner or loser! That kind of match is called a no-contest and usually occurs when a wrestler is unable to continue and finish the match. This is very rare, and the injury or incident must be quite big for that to happen.

Most wrestlers simply fight through the pain of an injury to finish the match. Then there are others who are forced to retire from the match because the ringside doctors do not allow them to continue. Dana Brooke has to end her match early at a recent WWE Main Event show.

She got cut against Sarah Logan and had to be helped backstage. The match was ruled a no-contest after the referee threw the X sign. But now it appears that Sarah Logan got the victory and Dana did not like that one bit. There are videos of Dana getting injured available on social media.

The cut was horrific! Dana left a message for Sarah on a video that was recently released on the WWE YouTube channel. "No, no. Not a loss. Not a loss," Brooke declared. "Sarah Logan got away with a cheap victory.

She got me once but it's not going to happen again. There's a fire that's lit inside of me and Sarah Logan is gonna feel the burn."