The Original Blueprint for Bronson Reed at WWE's 2024 Elimination Chamber Event

Bronson Reed's unexpected journey to fatherhood impacts WWE plans.

by Noman Rasool
 The Original Blueprint for Bronson Reed at WWE's 2024 Elimination Chamber Event
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In the latest developments, Bronson Reed was reportedly set to debut in 2024 WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event and now brought a twist that made fans ask more about the off-screen layer of such move. Reed, who had built this tremendous momentum over weeks to come, was one of those absent, so the fans spent a lot of time spreading the ideas why he didn't show up as advertised.

Things started to take a downward turn first when Reed was upset in his Men's Elimination Chamber qualifying match with Bobby Lashley on RAW, and eventually, WWE decided against including him in the Australia event card.

After a lot of hype around the Elimination Chamber event, Reed stated on social media that his son was born early which made him miss the match so he could be with his family at this special time.

Reed's Planned Showdown

Reed's return had been hyped with pre-match promos where he hinted at being like any other challenger of the past weeks who waits until the time is right and then surprises an unsuspecting champion by naming himself as an opponent.

According to insider reports, through Fightful Select by Sean Ross Sapp, Reed was going to have an elevated role at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. He was set for a World Heavyweight Championship title defense versus Seth Rollins.

The match didn't take place due to the knee injury to Rollins. While news about the new baby was welcomed personally by his family, this turn of events left fans of Reed questioning what might have been at the Elimination Chamber, with Reed getting ready for the event before the birth of his own child.

It raises questions as to how WWE would structure these efforts in light of such unforeseen developments. Now as Reed starts on this new chapter of fatherhood, the WWE universe will be sitting eagle-eyed watching what shifts the WWE will be plotting because of that interesting series of events and where it leaves Bronson Reed in the scheme of things.

The fans only build their anticipation not only in his return into action but also watching how WWE is going to exploit his rising popularity and talent in future storylines.

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