Bruce Prichard's Dental Emergency Details

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Bruce Prichard's Dental Emergency Details

In the professional wrestling world, wrestlers are the ones that get injured often. They sometimes get injured really, really badly and require immediate medical attention. Other times, they need to undergo surgery to repair damaged body parts.

Of course, the WWE now does take care of its wrestlers. Most wrestler fight through injuries and are able to perform normally even though they are in pain. The rough schedule effects backstage workers aswe ll. Conrad Thompson reported that Bruce Prichard had to be sent home from recent WWE Tapings as he had to undergo dental surgery.

He was in a lot of pain. "@bruceprichard flew home from TV for emergency oral surgery this week. It didn't go well. He is still in great pain and the doctor advised against flying. So he will be out of commission for a few more days," Thompson wrote.

Prichard is a member of the WWE creative team and he is also a Senior Vice President. He had to get 6 of his teeth pulled and that is very painful. Prichard took to twitter to thank people for wishing him well. "Thanks for the well wishes.

Ended up with 6 teeth pulled and had to drill into sinuses. In pain and on the mend . Should be good in a few days," Prichard wrote. Bruce Prichard is very well respected in the professional wrestling world. He has spent most of his life working for the industry