SRK reacts to John Cena singing 'Bholi Si Surat

John Cena surprises fans with musical tribute to Bollywood.

by Noman Rasool
SRK reacts to John Cena singing 'Bholi Si Surat
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WWE Superstar John Cena has once again proven to be a fan of India, and very recently, he was seen in a video singing Shah Rukh Khan's classic song "Bholi Si Surat" from the film "Dil To Pagal Hai". Cena sang, and online fans lost their minds when a clip of him singing that very song went viral and reached Bollywood's 'Badshah', Shah Rukh Khan.

The well-circulated video shows the usually hardworking Cena yelling out the hit song in what seems to be a gym. It is Gurv Sihra, a wrestler who posted the video online, who refers to Cena as a big Shah Rukh Khan fan, so the viewers were warned in advance by an unexpected musical performance.

Sharing his enthusiasm for a strong personal development program, Cena says, "You never know what you can learn when you choose the path of growth. Here we are in the gym, so we are trying to grow, but there’s tons of paths of growth, and I’m gonna try my best to learn a song." With Gurv's prodding and smile, Cena launches into the melody, the opening lines delivered with real excitement – "Bholi Si Surat, Aankhon mein masti, Dur khadi sharmaaye, aaye haaye."

Shah Rukh's Twitter Reaction

It got so much appreciation and moved forward so well that it reached the superstar himself, and Shah Rukh posted it himself on none other than Twitter to thank him for his love, replying to John, "Thank u both….

Love it and love u @JohnCena, I’m gonna send u my latest songs and I want a duet from the 2 of u again!!! Ha ha." Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan returned to box office success once he made a comeback with the short film 'Dunki' alongside Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal.

In relation to his upcoming projects, Khan shared that he wants to make a new project from scratch. He shared, “I think I’ll start one in March-April now. Like I’ve been attempting now to do a film which is more age-real to me and play it still as the protagonist and the star of the film”.

With Cena's 'Bholi Si Surat' literally spreading laughter on the internet, and Shah Rukh Khan going all in with his open invitation for a musical collaboration, here comes a surprise waiting to be unveiled somewhere along the way on this melodic journey.

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