Austin Theory Claims He Inspired The Rock's WWE Return

WWE's Austin Theory Sparks Speculation Surrounding The Rock's Return

by Noman Rasool
Austin Theory Claims He Inspired The Rock's WWE Return
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Emerging WWE talent Austin Theory has hinted that he might have provided the motivation for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to return to the wrestling ring. The Rock shocked everyone when he returned to WWE SmackDown in September last year and performed his signature finishing move, popularly known as the People's Elbow.

This was really the beginning of The Rock's roaring back into prominence in the wrestling world that culminated headlong on that historic WrestleMania road 40. In an interview with The West Sport, Theory reflected on the meeting with The Rock, making it sound as though he sparked "The Great One's" fire again.

One area of impact that he referred to in The Rock's resurgence included the incredible number of viewers their interaction pulled in. In regard to this, one area of impact that Theory hammered home to The Rock was his position on the board of directors for TKO.

Theory's Influence on The Rock

"I guess you're just going to have to ask The Rock what that felt like," Theory said. "He went out there with Austin Theory. Look what it's done for him. I mean, it promoted him to being with the board of directors at TKO.

He's really inspired by me." He further went on to voice his first apprehensions that The Rock would really feel overshadowed by his presence, but stressed of his own efforts to make the former World Champion feel valued and special.

Powerhouse spokesman Theory insisted it was this that was powerful motivation for The Rock to again become a WWE superstar. "I was scared, though, that he would feel like he was just so overshadowed by me," Theory admitted, "but, I went in there and just made him feel like somebody, and I made him feel special, and I think that's what got his feet under him again." But amidst all the internet buzz on The Rock's return and supposed dramas, ranging from claims of stolen identity to world famous actor Dwayne Johnson's resurgence, Theory is sure he was, in truth, pivotal to The Rock's inspiration.

While the fight between the two WWE athletes rages on in the wrestling ring, many around the world await further revelations in this gripping storyline.

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