Thunder Rosa Issues Alert to AEW Talent

Thunder Rosa makes a powerful comeback in AEW Collision.

by Noman Rasool
Thunder Rosa Issues Alert to AEW Talent

In a stunning display of resilience and strength, Thunder Rosa dazzled the audience on the February 24th episode of AEW Collision, where she triumphantly overcame Lady Bird Monroe in a swift and decisive bout lasting just over two minutes.

This victory was particularly significant as it represented Rosa's fifth straight win since her much-anticipated return to the ring, following a challenging hiatus due to a severe back injury that had kept her out of action for an extended period of over a year.

Her performance not only showcased her exceptional wrestling skills but also underscored her unwavering determination to reclaim her position at the pinnacle of AEW's women's division. In a riveting post-match exclusive interview, the former AEW Women's Champion issued a stern warning to her fellow competitors.

"To my devoted Thunder Army, did you witness my performance out there? It was a piece of cake. Despite my absence, I've always been here, embodying the same badass, La Mera Mera persona every single day. And today, I showcased that in the ring," Rosa declared with unwavering confidence.

She continued, "I've always been at the pinnacle. Even upon my departure, I was at the top, and that hasn't changed. I am, and will always be, at the forefront, regardless of the hurdles thrown my way. Beware, for those who dare to approach me will surely feel the heat."

Thunder Rosa's Tumultuous Year

Thunder Rosa's hiatus in 2023 sparked a whirlwind of controversy, with rumors circulating about the legitimacy of her injury and the prolonged period before she was stripped of her title, leading to backstage tensions.

Additionally, it was no secret within the industry that the animosity between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker was palpable, and speculations about Rosa's discord with Jamie Hayter were rife. Despite the speculation and challenges, Rosa's recent victories and bold statements post-match signal a fiery comeback and a clear message to anyone who doubts her prowess and position in AEW.

As she climbs her way back to the top, Thunder Rosa remains a formidable force in the wrestling world, ready to confront and overcome any obstacle in her path.

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