Mandy Rose Reveals NXT Goal During WWE Tenure

Exploring Mandy Rose's bold reinvention in wrestling's NXT arena.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mandy Rose Reveals NXT Goal During WWE Tenure
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In an enlightening conversation with McKenzie Mitchell on her YouTube channel, Mandy Rose, a distinguished former WWE star, shared the strategic shift she undertook to rejuvenate her wrestling persona during her impactful tenure in "WWE NXT." Known for her remarkable achievements in WWE, particularly during her final stint with NXT, Rose opened up about her intent to bring a fresh perspective to her character, marking a significant transition from her previous portrayal.

Rose's NXT Transformation

Rose's journey back to NXT between 2021 and 2022 was a period of introspection and transformation for her, aiming to cast her character in a new light. "I opted for a darker hair color and embraced a distinct vibe," she reflected.

This change was more than aesthetic; it was about redefining her in-ring persona. "I aspired to add an edge to my character, to be perceived with more gravitas. Moving beyond 'The Golden Goddess' persona was essential for this new chapter," Rose explained.

Her tenure as the NXT Women's Champion was a testament to her evolved character, with a commendable reign that lasted 14 months. During this period, Rose triumphed over celebrated competitors such as Dakota Kai, Meiko Satomura, and Io Shirai (currently known as IYO Sky), establishing herself as a formidable force in the division.

However, her championship reign met an unexpected end in December 2022 when Roxanne Perez claimed victory, an event closely followed by the announcement of Rose's departure from WWE. The reasons behind her release stirred discussions, centered around the content she shared on her FanTime account, which was perceived as either too risqué for WWE's family-friendly image or in conflict with the terms set by one of the company's key sponsors.

Reflecting on her seven-year saga with WWE, Rose's career was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. After spending the entirety of 2016 in NXT, she ascended to the main roster at the onset of 2017, showcasing her talents on both "WWE Raw" and "WWE Smackdown" for over four years.

Her return to NXT in 2021 marked a full-circle moment, concluding her WWE journey in December 2022. Rose's narrative in WWE, punctuated by her strategic rebranding in NXT, underscores her adaptability and determination to evolve within the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

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