Drew McIntyre Quips on Cody Rhodes' Pyro Expense After WWE Chamber Win

WWE's Elimination Chamber delivers an unforgettable showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Quips on Cody Rhodes' Pyro Expense After WWE Chamber Win
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The sole good part of Men's 2024 was popular WWE superstar Drew McIntyre winning the six-man Elimination Chamber match in great style, which, however, did not get noticed particularly since he wanted to aim at Cody Rhodes about his pyrotechnic displays.

The show, emanating from Perth, Australia, was quite the spectacle in terms of pyrotechnics at every other turn, most commonly on display during the climactic headline bout, leading the recently re-crowned Scottish Terminator to cheekily talk about inheriting a part of Rhodes’ fabled pyro budget in the post-victory tweet on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

This gave McIntyre more than just a win in the annals of WWE history, but it gave him the right to make his way toward WrestleMania 40 as he meets Seth Rollins with the WWE World Heavyweight Title up for grabs. The match was the high-octane centerpiece of a premium live event and talent graced the occasion as that include people like Bobby Lashley, LA Knight, Kevin Owens, Logan Paul, and Randy Orton.

This started off with a bit of a bang, quite literally, given that probably the most featured performer LA Knight locked horns with McIntyre and set it up for a big showdown.

Chamber Match Escalates

It all quickened up in the contest as Kevin Owens, after coming out of the pods, added some tempo to it and felt good enough to taunt his opponents while waiting for his turn to come in the ring.

The first big twist in the game came by McIntyre when he eliminated Bobby Lashley through a thunderous Claymore kick, his first finisher elimination of the night. Not much later, AJ Styles created more drama as he eliminated Knight with some unsanctioned interference from himself with chair shots and finishing him off with a Styles Clash that got McIntyre his second elimination.

The finish was no different, though, as Kevin Owens was trapped while the match went on with five men down. The finishing got interesting in the final few minutes since the last two were now Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. In a shocking turn of events, Logan Paul using the brass knuckles got him eliminated by Orton.

It was a one-on-one between McIntyre and Orton, and it was during this exchange of blows that McIntyre won the match following a dramatic intervention by Paul against Orton. The said win helps to set up everything not only to a close with McIntyre's power and endurance but also a smash finish, ensuring all fans across the world of WWE for this to be a must-watch event at WrestleMania 40.

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