CM Punk Champions Larry's Entry into Upcoming WWE 2K Video Game

CM Punk champions a unique cause for his pet.

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk Champions Larry's Entry into Upcoming WWE 2K Video Game
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The ever-determined CM Punk, renowned for his remarkable ability to turn dreams into realities, has once again grabbed headlines with his latest achievement. He is believed to have secured a spot in the upcoming WWE video game following a whirlwind social media campaign, showcasing his influence and dedication.

But now, Punk is setting his sights even higher with a rather unique and heartwarming undertaking. At this juncture, he's not just thinking about his own inclusion; he's brainstorming a visionary campaign to have his beloved pet dog, Larry, featured in the next installment of the WWE 2K series.

This initiative reflects Punk's playful yet earnest desire to blend personal passions with professional endeavors, engaging his fan base in a new and unexpected way. While Punk had missed the original roster for WWE 2K14 because of his return to WWE only after all the contingencies were done, he was very much eager to be on the game as part of the downloadable content (DLC) for the time being.

They did so with remarkable and explosive success, but it was different when his fans subsequently got behind his cause on social media. His enrollment in the crew for the DLC version was announced during the last installment of Monday Night RAW, where he joins established monikers like Jade Cargill, Pat McAfee, and the Dudley Boyz.

CM Punk's Next Quest

Following that fateful night, Punk would thereafter take to his Instagram campaigning for yet another deserving soul, this time his very own dog, Larry, to be included in the next WWE 2K video game.

"Next time we will get Larry in the game !!! @wwegames" pretty much sums it up. Punk returns for a WWE game after nearly eight years, a really big occasion for him as well as his fans. Although currently recuperating from a pulled triceps in the 2023 Royal Rumble, this really does give Punk and his supporters something to be happy about in the meantime.

Now making a return to his fighting form, CM Punk's triumphant fight to be in WWE 2K24's additional downloadable content and even playful banter for Larry's debut in the video game ring just showcases how much he is rocking the arena inside and out of the ropes. Fans are excited about his return to the ring at least, but they are missing their superstar, if not with their dog.

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