Kevin Patrick Announces His WWE Exit Was Mutually Agreeable

Kevin Patrick Reflects on Cherished WWE Journey

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Patrick Announces His WWE Exit Was Mutually Agreeable
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The man once synonymous with the top voice of WWE SmackDown has now spoken frankly in an interview with Rick Ucchino on 700WLW for his leaving the wrestling giant. He joined the WWE family in March 2021, going out without a warning and not inviting anyone to the style that has come to win fans.

Reflecting on his career with WWE, Patrick expressed his thoughts by sharing heartwarming sentiments of appreciation and affection for both the company and the relations he had made. His words very clearly reflected the impression of mutual respect and a friendly parting to project what a wonderful life experience he has gathered from WWE.

Patrick's Fond Farewell

"I absolutely loved every second of my time with WWE. Thanks so much full heart for the whole team over there. The memories, moments, and friends I made are ones I'll keep in my heart forever. Even though I've moved on, I look forward to connecting with my WWE family every time they come to town," Patrick said longingly and affectionately.

On to his next journey, Patrick hosts MLS 360 on Apple TV, an opportunity he relates to actualize everything he ever dreamt of. This new chapter in his career is one which he says is perfectly aligning with both his aspirations, and so it is obvious he's excited.

"MLS 360 is perfectly in line with all my passion and essence. I am told that it was done for me; it sounds quite narcissistic, but it really is true. This job embodies literally everything that I love sports broadcasting so fiercely and is quite literally the job of my dreams," he said with all possible enthusiasm.

As Kevin Patrick makes this amazing shift in his career into MLS 360, fans and followers should expect nothing less from him but continued excellence in sports commentary. Coming from WWE to the core of soccer broadcasting on Apple TV, his ability to cross through such wide-ranging waters speaks to great versatility for coverage that would be engaging and insightful for any fan.