Wrestling Vet Critiques Paul Heyman's WWE RAW Segment

Exploring the drama unfolding in WWE's latest RAW episode.

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Vet Critiques Paul Heyman's WWE RAW Segment
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In a recent critique of WWE RAW's latest episode, wrestling pundit and former WWE writer, Vince Russo, pinpointed significant flaws in Paul Heyman's on-screen segment, which may have escaped the casual viewer's eye. The critique was shared during his appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling's "Legion of RAW," where Russo, known for his outspoken views, did not hold back in expressing his dissatisfaction.

The episode in question saw Cody Rhodes triumph over Grayson Waller in a fiercely contested match. The drama escalated post-match when Paul Heyman, in his role as the advisor to The Bloodline, issued a stark warning to Rhodes against challenging The Rock and the rest of his faction.

Unfazed, Rhodes disregarded Heyman's caution, demonstrating his defiance by dismantling Heyman's security detail.

Russo Critiques Heyman's Phones

Russo's primary contention revolved around Heyman's use of two separate phones during the segment—one purportedly to contact Roman Reigns and the other for The Rock.

Russo mockingly questioned the necessity of such a plot device, comparing it unfavorably to criticisms of his own past booking decisions. "Bro, what about now he's got a phone for Roman Reigns and The Rock? Come on, bro. People wanna talk about my booking? Like really, bro?" Furthermore, Russo argued that Heyman's actions inadvertently portrayed WWE's flagship show, RAW, as inconsequential to its biggest stars, Reigns and The Rock, suggesting that they neither watch nor attend the show.

"And what he's telling you, bro, is not only is the show not important for them to show up at, the show's not important for them to watch," Russo elaborated, highlighting the absurdity of Heyman reporting the evening's outcomes as if the top stars were oblivious to the show's happenings.

The narrative continues with Rhodes asserting that he is not the prey but the predator in his quest against The Bloodline, setting the stage for potential confrontations. As WWE fans eagerly anticipate the responses from Reigns and The Rock on the upcoming SmackDown episode, the storyline intricacies underscore the blend of athleticism and theatrics that keeps the WWE universe captivated.

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