Dijak Studies Moxley's WWE Clips for NXT's Asylum Match

Unveiling WWE's Most Daunting Challenge: The Asylum Match

by Noman Rasool
Dijak Studies Moxley's WWE Clips for NXT's Asylum Match
© WWE/YouTube

NXT announced that WWE's next major pay-per-view event would feature one of the most anticipated and brutal showdowns in WWE history from the Capitol Wrestling Centre. Getting into the action will be Dijak and Joe Gacy, long-standing rivals to share an Asylum Match, supposedly one of the most dreaded and high-on-impact tests of human endurance.

Well, it is a special and dangerous match format, reminiscent of a frightening cage filled with all kinds of dangerous tools, that gives the perfect setting for two such enemies to finally clear the air. In preparation for this pivotal battle, Dijak revealed through his X account what the plan was.

He mentioned how he would do some research recently on the man behind the original Asylum match architect Jon Moxley, known to those in WWE circles as Dean Ambrose.

Asylum Match Origins

He initially brought this gruesome contest to the WWE Universe themselves, at the time though accompanied by Chris Jericho, during a heated rivalry.

Finally, their first-ever match - which is going to take place at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view in 2016 - will set a benchmark for what is expected to be one of the intensive contest types within the company banner. The match finds them surrounded by a variety of weapons that look quite ominous, each designed to inflict as much damage as humanly possible and secure victory by attrition.

The fight between Dijak and Joe Gacy has been coming to a head for weeks, with every encounter they engage in growing more hostile. Yet, an Asylum match this week on NXT Roadblock guarantees itself as the best match amidst their rivalry, pushing at both of these talents' physical and mental limits.

Over much anticipation of the next week's clash, the ambiance couldn't tense enough. With both competitors set to go through one of the most physically demanding contests in WWE history; the stage is set alight. More so than just a settling of scores, it's scheduled next week, and it's going to be all about cementing legacies within what is viewed as an unimaginably unforgiving arena.