Lyra Valkyria Defends NXT Title Twice in One Night

Dramatic showdowns electrify NXT at the WWE Performance Center.

by Noman Rasool
Lyra Valkyria Defends NXT Title Twice in One Night
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Last night's show had an electrifying night of wrestling at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The event kicked off with a pyrotechnic performance by Oba Femi versus Lexis King, where the NXT North American Champion successfully defended his title and made excellent signs of dominant strength by keeping King at bay for a series of offensive maneuvers, culminating in delivering a thunderous powerbomb for the three-count victory.

On another much-awaited fight, Roxanne Perez showed what she was made of as she takes on Wren Sinclair with a game plan. After landing some serious blows and manuevers, Perez indeed won Sinclair with an arm trap cross face, showing some techniques.

The same was the case with the tag team scene when Axiom and Nathan Frazer took on Chase U and were dueling it out in the ring to be the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship. In a hotly contested match, both teams went from mat wrestling to counters.

Yet, Chase U won with an excellent maneuver, as Chase indeed caught Frazer in a rana pin; the most flamboyant high-flying move, thus having their way to the top of the tag team division. In the women's action, Arianna Jayne would be taking on Jacy Grace.

Grace wrestled Jayne down to a win using a powerful Elbow Drop, thus displaying her strength and agility in the ring.

Valkyria Retains Title

The headlining match of the evening was for the NXT Women's Championship, as Lyra Valkyria defended against Shotzi Blackheart.

In this highly athletic and strategic contest, Valkyria managed to retain after Blackheart obviously injured her knee, therefore causing a referee stoppage in favor of Valkyria. The drama came to a rolling boil when an open challenge by NXT General Manager Ava Raine for Valkyria's NXT Women's Championship was met head-on by Lash Legend.

Even when Legend's challenge came out with all guns blazing, Valkyria, in dramatic style, rose to the occasion to retain her championship gold with a diving splash from out of nowhere at the close of the night, leaving the champion on a high.

This episode of NXT gave them more wrestling, with storylines already worked out, to follow and action supplied with that state-of-the-art talent that performs right out of the WWE Performance Center. Wrestling fans all around probably had a great evening—from matches to segments—re-establishing at one more point that NXT is an essential part of world wrestling.

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