Dominik Mysterio to Split from Rhea Ripley, Join Rival WWE RAW Faction: Insider

Tensions rise, alliances shift in WWE's latest storyline twist.

by Noman Rasool
Dominik Mysterio to Split from Rhea Ripley, Join Rival WWE RAW Faction: Insider
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Against this very dynamism of things going in WWE, the rumor emanating seems to be that the tag team of Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio, having the best period of their partnership, may just break up. Nothing has added to this speculation more than that which was said by none other than one of the greatest wrestling commentators, Bill Apter, during UnSKripted with Sportskeeda Wrestling as a show guest.

Apter lends further weight to an anticipated turn of events that very clearly are beyond the more-than-likely area for the two superstars when they go and then walk different roads. It is the latest rumor alongside a clear decline in the duo's joint WWE appearance with Ripley and Mysterio.

This comes on the heels of Ripley's win against Nia Jax at the Perth-based Elimination Chamber event, a victory that could set the stage for her turning into a babyface—or hero character. That obviously would change the dynamic between the two stars—one fans might best know by the name "Dirty Dom."

Mysterio's New Path

Apter pointed to one particular incident where Mysterio's decision to challenge Gunther elicited a clear look of dissatisfaction from Ripley, which suggested the tension between them.

Combining this segment with a brief interaction between Mysterio and Andrade, speculation begins to swirl around with whom Mysterio may ally himself in the near future. Apter goes on to speculate that Mysterio might very soon leave The Judgment Day to join with Andrade, picking the villainous side of the Latino World Order for his new iteration.

From this particular line, it raises a dynamic discussion of where both superstars will head into the future, especially with the WrestleMania XL just around the corner. All eyes are now on what transpires and how that particularly affects the professional ways these two will carry themselves between Ripley and Mysterio and their own individual paths within WWE.

The world of wrestling talks about an event that it cannot wait for, as the Road to WrestleMania XL gets anticipation. The revelation of Mysterio's defection and Ripley's character transformation would make things worse than they are unless believed in to add some layers to a WWE plot already thickening.

This story, ripened for dramatic shifts, epitomizes exactly how wrestling storylines are in a constant state of change that keeps fans drawn in, attains every likelihood possible at every turn.

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