Kevin Nash Critiques Jey Uso's WWE Booking Logic

Wrestling legend questions logic in recent WWE storyline twist

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash Critiques Jey Uso's WWE Booking Logic
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In "WWE Raw" developments, Jey Uso's attempt to sport the Intercontinental Championship took a surprising turn, leading to controversy in conversations around wrestling. Jey came close to the title by winning and showing his excellence in the ring but was thwarted by his own brother, Jimmy Uso, in a maneuver that reignited their long-burning family feud between Bloodline allies themselves.

The schism-causing storyline has attracted negative comments from wrestling legend Kevin Nash, who is on record expressing his confusion on the direction of the story vis-à-vis its denigration of the value of the championship.

Speaking in one episode of the "Kliq This," Nash has cast a long shadow on the decision to interfere with Jimmy's booking against Jey in the contest that would later saddle the WWE with the unenviable headline of leading their television as the highest-rated show with the lowest audience of all time.

Nash Critiques Uso Booking

"Uso's going for it, his brother comes down and rings the bell. He's got the belt won and it's like, the guy is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion ever and he's basically beat except your brother rings the bell and that makes you dive through the ropes onto him, and two security guys," Nash lamented.

He used this scenario to ask what the merit was for a title match that actually held importance, taking a shot at the logical nature of the storyline. This was the third time Jimmy had cost Jey a championship opportunity following their summer run-in where they lost the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship and an interference in Jey's match against King Woods on Smackdown, before up-ending Woods after the match with a superkick on top of the steps.

Apparently, that would be the case even if the relationship between the two brothers was extremely tense at the moment and the two had not said a word to each other for a while, because Jey still wants to get his brother back before putting his gloves down in the wrestling scene, preferably at WrestleMania 40.

However, Nash's remark draws attention to a much bigger issue with the storyline both in terms of logic and its effect on the title's prestige. "What the f*** is that? What is that? It doesn't make any sense," Nash concluded, echoing a sentiment held by many fans and observers who are left pondering what course this familial war will take in the future.

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