Dwayne Johnson Expands Empire with WWE Purchases

Dwayne Johnson secures pivotal trademarks in entertainment milestone.

by Noman Rasool
Dwayne Johnson Expands Empire with WWE Purchases
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In a groundbreaking development, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has significantly expanded his portfolio within the entertainment industry through a strategic move that sees him joining the Board of Directors of TKO Holdings as of January 2024.

This move not only highlights his continued influence in the wrestling world but also marks a pivotal moment in his ongoing engagement with WWE and AEW narratives, particularly his speculated rivalry with Roman Reigns and a new challenge issued by Cody Rhodes.

Further to his board appointment, it was unveiled that Johnson has secured ownership over the trademark for "The Rock," a name historically linked to WWE. This acquisition is just the beginning of a more extensive collection of intellectual properties now under his control.

Detailed in the TKO Holdings Annual Report, the list encompasses a wide array of trademarks and catchphrases that have become synonymous with Johnson's wrestling persona. Among these are iconic terms such as "The Rock," "Rocky Maivia," "The People's Champion," and "If you smell what The Rock is cooking," along with several others that have not been in the public ear for years.

Johnson's IP Victory

These terms cover a spectrum of intellectual property rights worldwide, including ring names, taglines, logos, service marks, and trademarks. The rights also extend to unique aspects of Johnson's wrestling character, such as nicknames, voice, signature moves, and even his distinctive costumes and accessories.

Notably, this agreement does not encompass any WWE-produced photographic, audio, or audiovisual footage featuring Johnson, maintaining a clear separation between his newly acquired IP and existing WWE copyrighted material.

This strategic acquisition by Johnson not only cements his legacy within the wrestling world but also offers him unparalleled control over the commercial use of his wrestling persona and catchphrases. It's a testament to his savvy as a businessman and his enduring impact on sports entertainment, positioning him at the forefront of industry discussions and potentially reshaping his future involvement in wrestling and beyond.

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