Seth Rollins Reviews Michael Chandler's WWE Raw Promo

UFC's Chandler steps into WWE arena, ignites fan buzz.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Reviews Michael Chandler's WWE Raw Promo

In an electrifying moment on "WWE Raw" last week, the worlds of UFC and WWE collided as Michael Chandler took center stage, delivering a live promo that sparked conversations across the MMA and wrestling communities. The UFC fighter didn't hold back, directly challenging Conor McGregor to a fight, a move that caught the attention of fans and professionals alike.

Seth Rollins, a seasoned WWE superstar, weighed in on Chandler's performance, offering some constructive advice during an interview with "Submission Radio." Rollins commended Chandler for his passion and authenticity but suggested the UFC star could benefit from slowing down and enjoying the moment more.

"The adrenaline was definitely flowing, but considering it was his first time, he did pretty well," Rollins remarked. He praised Chandler's genuine approach and his enthusiasm for the wrestling world, noting, "It was heartfelt, and he's genuinely a fan.

He gets the entertainment aspect of our industry, which I really appreciate. I'm rooting for him if he ever faces McGregor."

Rollins on Mic Skills

The WWE veteran delved deeper into the complexities of mastering the art of promos, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of engaging with the live audience through words rather than physical action.

"There's a unique pressure to connecting with the audience verbally, finding your character, and effectively conveying your message," Rollins elucidated. He openly acknowledged the hurdles he encountered when it came to verbal confrontations, a stark contrast to the physical battles in the ring.

Despite the challenges, Rollins emphasized the critical role of perseverance and self-improvement in this aspect of wrestling. Rollins's support for Chandler underscores the mutual respect and potential for crossover appeal between UFC and WWE.

Chandler's bold promo and Rollins's feedback highlight the intricate blend of athleticism and storytelling that defines professional wrestling. As both athletes navigate their respective careers, their interaction serves as a reminder of the ongoing dialogue and exchange of ideas between the combat sports and entertainment worlds, captivating fans and enriching both industries.

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