Eric Bischoff Suggests Benching WWE Star Until Clear Path Is Found

Wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff shares insight on Austin Theory.

by Noman Rasool
Eric Bischoff Suggests Benching WWE Star Until Clear Path Is Found
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In a dramatic turn of events at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, Austin Theory found himself at the mercy of Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes' relentless assault, with Grayson Waller notably absent from his corner. This recent development has only added to the growing speculation regarding the future direction of Theory's character, amidst visible onscreen tension with Waller.

Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, wrestling icon Eric Bischoff shared his perspective on the unfolding drama surrounding Theory's character arc. Speaking on his podcast "83 Weeks," Bischoff offered a bold strategy for handling Theory's current predicament.

He advocated for a temporary hiatus from television for the wrestler, emphasizing the need for a deliberate period of character reevaluation and development. Bischoff's approach suggests a hiatus could be beneficial, allowing time for creative experimentation and a more focused return strategy that could better resonate with WWE audiences.

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"Austin Theory's trajectory since joining WWE's main roster has been nothing short of meteoric.

From clinching the Money in the Bank victory to securing the United States Championship twice, including a notable triumph over John Cena at WrestleMania 39, WWE's creative team has not shied away from spotlighting his potential.

However, Bischoff points out the double-edged sword of such rapid ascent, highlighting the critical importance of organically building respect with the fanbase, a process that cannot be rushed through mere promotional efforts.

Bischoff, a seasoned voice in wrestling, underscores the necessity of authenticity and consistency in cultivating a wrestler's rapport with fans. Despite Theory's impressive physicality and persona, Bischoff notes a palpable disconnect with audiences, suggesting a recalibration of his character could bridge this gap.

"He's undeniably talented and possesses all the attributes of a marquee character, yet there's a piece of the puzzle still missing," Bischoff remarked, stressing the potential for a revamped Theory to make a resounding comeback, should WWE take heed of his advice to pause and reassess.

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