Randy Orton Had Strong Dislike for Notorious Former WWE Star at Initial Encounter

Exploring the unexpected journey of teamwork in WWE's ring.

by Noman Rasool
Randy Orton Had Strong Dislike for Notorious Former WWE Star at Initial Encounter
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In fact, he recently openly spoke about this in one of his interviews with The MMA Hour along with Ariel Helwani. Much as his stay in WWE was great, managing to clinch the United States Championship and then the RAW Tag Team Championship, his voyage wasn't without hiccups—failing a couple of drugs tests and getting let go by the company last September.

Reflecting on his beginning with Orton, Riddle shared a temperament that wasn't friendly at all. The confrontation boiled backstage due to another snub when Riddle apparently looked at Orton talking to somebody else and didn't offer a handshake but just nodded - something that would reportedly enrage Randy as being the sign of disrespect.

This would then reiterate the point of the gap in wrestling that sees respect and tradition mean so much.

Orton-Riddle Tensions Unveil

Still, Riddle revealed that his teaming with Orton in Team RK-Bro has turned out to be a spectacular success story of a professional alignment and eventual warming of relations between the two.

The recount of what Riddle considers Orton's reaction towards him at first: "What a piece of sh*t! Why didn't he come up and shake my hand?" just helps give more light to wrestling etiquette that Orton as a veteran in the field stands for.

He also spoke of the current rapport that he shares with Orton despite having moved out of WWE. They are in touch, Riddle said, texting each other and also give attempts at calls, signifying their coming a long way from their rather unsavoury beginnings.

While Randy Orton continues to steal the show for WWE, most recently being just a hair short from winning the Elimination Chamber match itself before an unlikely set of events between Logan Paul and Drew McIntyre; surely fans are waiting with bated breath to see what "The Apex Predator" brings to the table this week on the SmackDown edition.

The insights Riddle provides lead readers down a backstage pass to the tight personal dynamics playing out behind the scenes of professional wrestling.

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