Likely New WWE Star Addition to The Bloodline

A major shift in wrestling as Tama Tonga signs.

by Noman Rasool
Likely New WWE Star Addition to The Bloodline
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Hitherto news, WWE has officially signed Tama Tonga, a professional wrestler best identified for his long run in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). That's significant because Tonga just recently departed New Japan Pro Wrestling after spending the better part of 11 years with the company, continuing to give his all and loyalty to the squared circle.

Tonga would only confirm what had become very apparent since he made headlines in January with a huge win at Wrestle Kingdom and that was his seeking opportunities elsewhere so as to be closer to his family back in the United States.

One of the deeply personal matters for Tonga signifying that his avoidancendicated he wanted to enjoy the same kind of wrestling career without long stretches, such that his father, the legend, Haku, was subjected to.exson of secrecy with regard to personal matters to signify he wanted to enjoy the same kind of wrestling career without long stretches.

Meltzer said that the negotiations between the two parties date all the way back to early in 2023 — again, not the abrupt or fly-by-night deal some fans might worry about. Although he eventually re-upped in New Japan to kick off the year, whatever long-term goals the leader of the Firing Squad has finally come to fruition in signing with WWE, which should prove a thrilling addition for fans.

Tonga Joins The Bloodline

Meltzer's further enlightening insights on Wrestling Observer Radio are mere speculations regarding Tonga's probable involvement with The Bloodline, a powerful faction in WWE. With a legacy and a great reputation that precede him, the addition of Tonga may augment and bring new completeness to The Bloodline that would help them intensify their dominance in WWE.

While information about Tonga's WWE debut is currently being kept under wraps, the anticipation around his landing couldn't be any thicker. With his New Japan Pro-Wrestling obligations already out of the way, Tonga can now fully embrace WWE any day now, with this angle offering the finishing coat of paint on what is otherwise a pretty slick and richly developed storyline in the promotion.

If this isn't an important day for Tama Tonga, it is definitely a day of great importance as relating to WWE's ardor at recruiting worldwide talent to add to their reservoir. As the expectations soared across the communities of wrestling, waiting for Tonga's influence to reign in the WWE, it would be his individual journey of wrestling where his legacy and blood swirled with his desire to professionally move forward in the sport.

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