The Rock Commends WWE Star

A backstage moment on RAW captures The Rock's endorsement.

by Atia Mukhtar
 The Rock Commends WWE Star
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Just in the recent of such wrestling spectacle, Jinder Mahal, known as The Modern Day Maharaja, had the opportunity of being in the legendary presence of The Rock during one of the episodes of WWE Raw. In such an episode, Mahal featured the same chance on numerous wrestlers, stating that it was a dream segment they always yearned to be part of, therefore making him receive a lot of praises from the WWE backstage community.

Aired on the Day One episode of Raw, it has this great ruse making everyone believe that Jinder Mahal is coming back in as WWE Champion and then there's The Rock. Mahal delivered a stellar heel promo and worked the crowd perfectly enough to welcome The Rock by finally receiving one of those People's Elbows.

Jinder Mahal's Backstage Praise

In an intimate one-on-one conversation with Gorilla Position, Mahal shared how the reaction backstage was quite warmly received once the segment got over. From WWE writers to officials and The Rock himself, everybody congratulated and even personally appreciated Mahal for a job well done.

Word is now making rounds due to this positive reception that Mahal would be booking up as a babyface character in the upcoming days only on WWE. With WrestleMania 40 looming, Mahal is looking like he will be on an upward trend in his career.

He even lost in a World Title match against Seth Rollins but did enough to gain the attention and respect not only of the fans but of his peers as well. His act of improvement by really hiring an acting coach follows what he really aims at, at the role that WWE cast him.

Jinder's reflections on the support of WWE and aspirations regarding changing the game inside this wrestling giant could only emphasize his burning passion and determination to put all this into practice for upping the career.

His enthusiasm about the creative direction of WrestleMania 40, especially related to The Rock's involvement, really accentuates how much these events shaped the future of WWE storytelling. More than just another display of Mahal's, this was a segment that reminded fans of the creativity WWE is still able to showcase when it comes to mix-and-matching the performance of nostalgic acts and fresh talents in order to grab more eyeballs on a global scale.

As WWE carries on, talents like Jinder Mahal will be some of the leading factors carrying the spectacle of professional wrestling to new platforms.

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