Booker T Roots for WWE Women's Star to Win Championship

Charting Nia Jax's Impactful Return to WWE's Spotlight.

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T Roots for WWE Women's Star to Win Championship
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In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of WWE, where talent runs as deep as the narratives woven in its rings, one superstar has caught the eye of wrestling royalty. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has openly expressed his support for a standout member of the WWE women's roster, signaling a potent mix of potential and prowess that could very well lead to championship glory.

Booker T, whose insights and commentary have guided fans through the highs and lows of wrestling, shared his thoughts on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, pinpointing Nia Jax as a talent ripe for the championship mantle. "When she came back, I thought Nia Jax was primed for that spot.

Everybody's road to the championship is a little bit different," Booker articulated, underscoring the unique journeys wrestlers embark upon in their quest for gold. "Some are a little bit bumpier than others, and Nia Jax has definitely been on that bumpy road to becoming a champion."

Nia Jax's WWE Odyssey

Nia Jax's journey with WWE began in 2014, initially showcasing her skills on the "WWE NXT" brand before ascending to the main roster in 2016.

Her tenure has been marked by notable achievements, including clinching the "Raw" Women's Championship (now the Women's Championship) and securing the Women's Tag Team Championship twice alongside Shayna Baszler. Despite a temporary departure from WWE in November 2021 amidst a wave of contract releases, Jax's return to the WWE universe in September of the following year was met with fervent anticipation.

Her comeback was nothing short of impactful, immediately thrusting her into the spotlight with a challenge against Rhea Ripley's Women's World Championship, held in contention with Raquel Rodriguez. This momentous return culminated in a title shot at WWE Elimination Chamber against Ripley, though Jax fell short in her quest to dethrone the reigning champion.

"So, for me, I don't know, she's just had a bumpy road, but I'm pulling for Nia Jax to become champion," Booker T reiterated with conviction. His endorsement not only highlights Jax's resilience but also her undeniable talent and the belief that her championship moment is on the horizon.

"I'm pulling for Nia Jax, and I think it's going to happen for her one day," he concluded, a sentiment that resonates with fans and observers alike, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Nia Jax's storied WWE career.

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