Darby Allin Reflects on Sting's Last Bout at AEW Revolution 2024

Allin prepares for a historic tribute at Revolution 2024.

by Atia Mukhtar
Darby Allin Reflects on Sting's Last Bout at AEW Revolution 2024
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In a heartfelt declaration of dedication, Darby Allin has opened up about his unwavering commitment to ensuring wrestling legend Sting's final match is unforgettable. The dynamic duo, set to defend their AEW Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks at Revolution, are gearing up for what promises to be an electrifying Tornado Tag match.

With the rules relaxed to honor Sting's last appearance in the ring, the stakes couldn't be higher, especially since the champions consider this type of match to be their forte. During an engaging conversation on the "Battlegrounds" podcast, Allin shared his thoughts on what it means to be part of Sting's final bow.

His words resonated with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. "It scares me," Allin confessed, emphasizing the gravity of the occasion. "This is it the very last match. There's nothing left to lose, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up in the hospital.

It's bound to be an all-out brawl, and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure this match is etched in the annals of wrestling history as one of Sting's most memorable."

Allin's Solemn Vow

Allin didn't shy away from expressing the pressure of delivering a fitting tribute to Sting's illustrious career.

"The last thing anyone wants is to disappoint in the final act. It's my solemn vow to honor this man's legacy with the grandeur it deserves, even if it means putting my own body on the line. Sacrifices must be made, and I'm ready," he stated, showcasing his deep respect and admiration for his tag team partner.

Reflecting on his unexpected journey in tag team wrestling, Allin recounted their victory over Ricky Starks and Big Bill on the February 7 episode of "Dynamite." Despite the triumphant win, the celebration was cut short by an ambush from The Young Bucks, a testament to the relentless challenges the duo faces.

Allin revealed that the night's toll was so severe that even after the cameras stopped rolling, he found himself unable to join Sting in celebration, instead receiving medical attention for his injuries. This blend of personal sacrifice and professional dedication underscores the deep bond between Allin and Sting, as they prepare to offer wrestling fans a match that promises not only to honor Sting's legacy but also to solidify their own place in wrestling history.

As the AEW universe looks forward to Revolution, the anticipation for this monumental match continues to build, promising an unforgettable climax to an incredible career.

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