Calls Mount for WWE to Remove Austin Theory from TV Broadcasts

Exploring adjustments for Austin Theory's WWE character trajectory.

by Noman Rasool
Calls Mount for WWE to Remove Austin Theory from TV Broadcasts
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Against such a backdrop of raised expectations from something seen as hard to pull off, WWE's concentration on Austin Theory has invited many opinions. The former high-flying star proudly defended his United States Title against John Cena at WrestleMania 39, and his journey afterward had some choppy moments within WWE.

His association with Grayson Waller currently on SmackDown could not turn things around as they were expected to, hence prompting calls for a rethink of his TV involvement. Eric Bischoff, the veteran wrestling personality and host of the 83 Weeks podcast, recently spoke about the situation.

Bischoff is for pulling Austin Theory off WWE television for a few weeks and allowing creative to repackage his character. The idea, according to Bischoff, is that creative should take their time and "leave no stone unturned," so to speak.

In fact, he insists, this process may imply "a turn to more diverse personae and stories, ones with better fit to the strength of theory and the tastes of fans.

Rethinking Theory's Appeal

"There's a little bit of resistance with the audience right now," Bischoff said in after 83 weeks, underlining the necessity of reimagining Theory's role in WWE.

The implication is not that Theory needs to be buried in some hole where nobody can see his lack of charisma but that he needs to be more fully and precisely used in a way that will enhance his appeal to fans. On-screen, his most recent rivalry with Grayson Waller is fueling the rumors of potential storylines down the line.

The organization gets to focus solely on these dynamics that are constantly evolving and continue to find, first and foremost, a great storyline for Theory, an enthusing one for the fans. Pro wrestling is billed to be an ever-unpredictable world, and Austin Theory tasted a bit of that reality.

As WWE and its creative heads scratch their collective heads as to what to do next, the fans watch on bated breath, hoping that the next stage in his career will finally fulfill those glimpses into potential performances that captivate audiences.

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