Rhodes Urged to Recruit Allies

WWE's Rhodes Faces Call for Reinforcements Against The Bloodline.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rhodes Urged to Recruit Allies
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As WrestleMania XL looms just on the horizon, the entire WWE Universe is abuzz in anticipation for what is certainly going to be a mighty showdown. In a rather recent twist of events that has the fans waiting on bated breath, The Rock has gone ahead to challenge Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins to put a tag team bout against The Bloodline of their own.

With Rhodes also scheduled to face Roman Reigns in his explosive, doom-assuringly impossible main event, it's going to be one trend night indeed. In an interesting turn of events, WWE Superstar Jey Uso puts out an olive branch to Cody Rhodes and tells him he is there to help in this battle against The Bloodline.

His perspective of how strong they truly are and what they are willing to lose can be lost in the fact that, obviously, he is so connected to them. He basically said that one has to form an alliance that is as equally strong if they ever hope to counteract The Bloodline's dominance.

"We need every soldier we can get if we're going to go up against The Bloodline," Uso said with a sense of urgency.

Rhodes' Crucial Challenge

And now that The Rock is a part of The Bloodline, certainly that doesn't bode well for Rhodes, aka The American Nightmare.

Last year, at WrestleMania, interference by The Bloodline had a lot to do with Rhodes coming up short in his fight; this is the sort of thing he really can't afford to have happen again. With WWE hanging on by a thread, Rhodes clearly needs to beef up his own coalition as well.

Seth Rollins made his affiliation abundantly clear with Rhodes, assisting him in the war versus The Bloodline. Enter Jey Uso into the equation at this point, and looking for more allies becomes a must. The Rock does seem like The Bloodline would get written out of the main event should Rhodes and Rollins grab one for Night 1, but that's easier said than done.

In this aspect, he is surely going to require a solid backup to secure his route from any such turmoil emanating by The Rock, Solo Sikoa, or Jimmy Uso and win in the WrestleMania XL script. The WWE Universe will be following this script unfold, expecting Rhodes to respond to Uso's advice and then give a counter to tackle the very menacing Bloodline.

The Bloodline