Rey Mysterio Makes WWE SmackDown Comeback, Reignites Feud with Santos Escobar

Legendary wrestler stages electrifying comeback on WWE SmackDown.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rey Mysterio Makes WWE SmackDown Comeback, Reignites Feud with Santos Escobar
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In a dramatic turn of events on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown," Rey Mysterio made a highly anticipated return to the ring, surprising fans and foes alike after a months-long hiatus due to injury. The wrestling legend made his comeback during a high-stakes street fight between Carlito and Santos Escobar, where the odds were stacked against Carlito as he faced a brutal onslaught from Escobar and the formidable Legado del Fantasma faction.

The tension in the arena was palpable as Carlito struggled against his adversaries, but the atmosphere shifted dramatically when Mysterio's iconic theme music echoed throughout the venue. Emerging onto the stage, Mysterio was initially seen wielding crutches, a nod to the storyline injury inflicted by Escobar during his notorious heel turn in November.

However, the narrative took an unexpected twist when Mysterio, revealing his recovery, utilized the crutches as weapons against Humberto and Angel, who had approached him with ill intent.

Mysterio's Dramatic Return

Mysterio's intervention was not only timely but also pivotal, as it allowed him to join forces with Carlito in the ring.

With the feud between Mysterio and Escobar reignited, Mysterio's presence disconcerted Escobar, enabling Carlito to execute a devastating Backstabber. The climax of the encounter saw Mysterio delivering his signature 619 move on Escobar, setting the stage for Carlito to secure the victory with a dramatic table smash.

The aftermath of the match was a scene of jubilation, with Carlito, Mysterio, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz del Toro celebrating their unity and triumph in the ring, marking the full reunion of the LWO in a momentous display of solidarity and resilience.

This comeback was not just a physical return for Mysterio but also a testament to his enduring spirit and commitment to the sport. Having undergone knee surgery in November, Mysterio's road to recovery was shrouded in uncertainty, with the wrestler himself keeping the details of his condition under wraps.

His absence from major events such as the Elimination Chamber and the Royal Rumble only fueled speculation about his wrestling future. However, Mysterio's return on "WWE SmackDown" dispelled all doubts, setting the stage for what promises to be an electrifying confrontation with Escobar as WrestleMania looms on the horizon.

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