Late Ex-WWE Star's Wife Expresses Eternal Love to Big E

Wrestling community shows solidarity on Big E's special day.

by Noman Rasool
Late Ex-WWE Star's Wife Expresses Eternal Love to Big E
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On what would have been his 38th birthday, the widow of former WWE Superstar Brodie Lee, wrote a heartfelt message to Big E. As Luke Harper, during his time in WWE, Brodie Lee had already made a mark on the wrestling industry before his sudden death on December 26, 2020, due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

At the middle of these is a birthday wish from Amanda Huber to Big E, another close friend of Brodie and an actual key figure at WWE. The personal dedication went out to Big E, whose real name is Ettore Ewen. She posted it on the socials/X Twitter, along with a pic that was utterly touching, of the very same son and Big E playing a video game with extreme concentration—in fact, one example of how personal their connections go beyond the ring.

"Happy Birthday to the amazing @WWEBigE. I will love you forever," wrote Amanda.

Big E's Unyielding Spirit

Big E has been out of action due to a serious neck injury he suffered last year. But his ghost keeps wandering around The New Day, which goes on wrestling through a tag team alliance that involves Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

During a totally honest conversation Big E had with WhatCulture Wrestling, he revealed that he tried to persuade Kingston and Woods just to go without them for some time but was refused—a testimony that speaks of the loyalty the brotherhood has.

Big E's injury occurred during the broadcast of SmackDown on 11th March 2022, and he suffered it when an errant move from Ridge Holland sent him down to the mat, causing his neck to break in the process. This displayed not only the danger these athletes put themselves in for the sake of a show but also depicted the tight bonds they share with one another, such as that showing the teary-eyed Amanda Huber as she underscored the fraternity's resiliency and unity in the face of adversity.

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