Rey Mysterio Speaks Out Following His Victorious SmackDown Comeback

In a thrilling WWE update, the wrestling world witnessed

by Noman Rasool
Rey Mysterio Speaks Out Following His Victorious SmackDown Comeback
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WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio returned in a dazzling fashion on the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown, making a resounding ring return. El Emperador was laid up for weeks, rehabbing his injury after having been attacked savagely by Santos Escobar, who he trusted enough to not turn around and left him holding his now maimed knee that is destined to keep him away from television for what is being called an undetermined period.

In a special interview on SmackDown LowDown with WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton, the lucha luminary spoke with excitement and determination at his return to action. Amidst the Latino World Order, an aged 49-year-young Mysterio showcased undiminished enthusiasm for the sport and his familia.

He reiterated the collective angst and strength of his team not to let Carlito have to deal with Escobar alone in the adrenaline-dripping Street Fight. In a fiery warning that seemed to allude to a revengeful saga just starting and aimed for retribution on Escobar, Mjsonse rasped.

"This is a solid team. This is family, familia. And there was no way I was gonna leave Carlito alone today. Even though family is always here and present, this is only the beginning to what's to come for Santos Escobar. I can't stand this," said Mysterio.

Mysterio also had a nice message for LWO afterwards, declaring he had the highest respect and love for each of the Latino World Order members. Rey expressed a big thank-you to the gang for standing by him through thick and thin and related how he identifies with them every time he goes out to wrestle.

Mysterio's Heartfelt Thanks

"I gotta be honest with you. You guys are family, and there is such a big responsibility that I carry on my back to represent each one of you guys, and I do it with love and full confidence, and you guys are driving me to do what I do.

Thank you!" Rey Mysterio said. On a related note, the return of Mysterio to the ring is bound to cause a tremendous buzz throughout the wrestling community as the rumor mill has gone wild with speculation over how Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma at large are going to deal with this new challenge.

Lo fans and amateurs alike are already waiting for the bitter rivalry to be unleashed in their full glory, as it promises exciting confrontations in episodes of the Stamford-based promotion to come.

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