Kevin Owens Reflects on WrestleMania 38 Match with Stone Cold

Kevin Owens shares heartfelt reflections on WrestleMania 38.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Owens Reflects on WrestleMania 38 Match with Stone Cold
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WWE superstar Kevin Owens recently shared his reflections on the extraordinary experience of facing the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38, highlighting the profound impact it had on him. In an exclusive interview with "Inside The Ropes," Owens expressed the difficulty in articulating the significance of stepping into the ring with his idol, Austin.

He confessed that even now, he finds it surreal to believe that such a monumental encounter took place, revealing that he still revisits the match from time to time. Describing the intensity of emotion he felt, Owens said, "It's very hard to put into words the feeling I had.

The fact that I got to experience that, and it's still hard to believe it ever happened." He admitted to frequently rewatching the match shortly after it occurred, almost as if needing to reassure himself of its reality. Owens went on to discuss his rapport with Austin, emphasizing that their positive relationship paved the way for him to be featured prominently in the WrestleMania showdown.

Despite not being in constant communication, Owens revealed a touching gesture from Austin on his birthday following their match.

Birthday Surprise from Austin

Recalling the moment with fondness, Owens shared, "A month after our match, it was my birthday and I somehow missed the call [from Austin].

I didn't know what happened, I just saw a voicemail from Steve Austin and it's him singing me happy birthday on my birthday. Probably the greatest thing that came out of that match." He expressed gratitude for the heartfelt message, cherishing it as a keepsake for eternity.

The profound impact of facing his childhood hero in such a significant match at WrestleMania 38 remains etched in Owens' memory, underscoring the depth of his admiration for Austin and the lasting bond forged between them.

As fans continue to celebrate this historic encounter, Owens' reflections offer a poignant glimpse into the profound influence of wrestling icons on the lives of those who idolize them.

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