Will Ospreay Triumphs Over Takeshita in AEW Revolution Debut

Ospreay's electrifying AEW debut ends in triumph over Takeshita.

by Noman Rasool
Will Ospreay Triumphs Over Takeshita in AEW Revolution Debut
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In a highly anticipated full-time debut at AEW Revolution on Sunday, Will Ospreay showcased his exceptional talent and resilience, clashing with Konosuke Takeshita in a match that tested the limits of both competitors. Emerging victorious, Ospreay secured his win with a combination of a Tiger Driver '91 and a devastating Hidden Blade, marking a significant milestone in his AEW career.

The bout was not just a physical showdown but also a narrative-rich encounter, highlighting the intricate relationships within the wrestling world. Both Ospreay and Takeshita are integral parts of the Don Callis Family, a fact that added layers to their confrontation.

The aftermath of the match saw a heartwarming reunion between Ospreay and ROH World Television Champion Kyle Fletcher. Fletcher, a key figure in Ospreay's United Empire faction back in NJPW and now a fellow ally in the Don Callis Family, celebrated Ospreay's victory.

This celebration set the stage for an exciting announcement — Ospreay is slated to face Fletcher in an upcoming "AEW Dynamite" match. However, Ospreay's triumph did not come without cost. The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion endured significant punishment during the match, resulting in a contusion on his lower back, perilously close to his liver.

This injury underscores the physical toll and the relentless spirit that defines Ospreay's approach to wrestling.

Ospreay's AEW Highlights

While this match marks Ospreay's official full-time entry into AEW, it's not his first dance under the AEW spotlight.

He has previously showcased his prowess in the ring against Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door 2 on behalf of NJPW and against Chris Jericho at All In in August, both times emerging victorious. As Ospreay prepares for his next challenge against Fletcher on "AEW Dynamite," fans and analysts alike will be watching closely.

His performance at AEW Revolution not only solidified his status as a formidable competitor but also hinted at the exciting dynamics and rivalries that his presence in AEW will undoubtedly bring. With his blend of skill, resilience, and narrative appeal, Will Ospreay is set to become a pivotal figure in the evolving landscape of AEW.

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