AJ Francis, Former Top Dolla, Named World's Most Sought-After Free Agent

Wrestling's landscape shifts with AJ Francis's bold moves.

by Noman Rasool
AJ Francis, Former Top Dolla, Named World's Most Sought-After Free Agent
© AJFrancis410/Twitter

The ex-WWE talent has been making a lot of noise now as an independent free agent in the wrestling scene, something AJ Francis exclusively revealed to Wrestling Inc. Francis, who recently made headlines for declaring himself "the Sought-After free agent in the world" in a pre-recorded package for MLW's "The Burning Crush" earlier this month, made time to spit at up-and-comer Alex Kane.

He was self-assured in giving logical reasons for such a Matt Cardona-ism as "The Internet Champion." "The reason for my statement is very obvious-I am the topic of conversation everywhere," he declared. Indeed, the Francis of the world sees their name dropped by others, demure in performance as Francis aces loud and unapologetically.

"Whether it's wrestlers, reporters, or general news outlets, ascertaining how it involves me generates the most interactions. This isn't a coincidence but a testament to my impact on the wrestling landscape," Francis added.

Rivalry and Mentorship

Just outside the ring, Francis has mixed intentions towards Kane: rivalry and mentorship. These are mixed intentions that come in the frame just by the wrestling ringside. These are jokes in connotation to the "WWE to form a well-match with Kane to mentor him and for sure bring his profile well into the wrestling world," he said.

"While I’m looking forward to updating his style—and therefore maybe we can start with the barber—mainly, I’ll be teaching him how to up his game and become the most buzz-worthy prospect in wrestling.

He said doubts surrounding his previous athletic career were also mitigated. Despite also having a successful stint in college football where he started for all his four years on Maryland as well as in nine American professional games in the NFL set up, Francis feels his success is sometimes played down.

"I am 6'5" and weigh 330 pounds, no one can doubt my presence on the pitch. But it is mindboggling how at times others downplay my NFL stint when they have never come to that level in their sports career," he quipped. AJ Francis's boldness and confidence have steered him to be one of the loudest voices to be listened to in the world of wrestling today.

As he went on his litigation journey to become a free agent through his actions and words, he left onlookers awestruck, with some having actually led conversation in the newsroom on MSN, others on Google, and Google News.

Francis's journey is an interesting story of ambition, talent, and strategic self-promotion in the cut-throat arena of professional wrestling.

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