Legend Talks 2-Time WWE Champ Inducting Heyman into Hall of Fame

Exploring the potential inductor for Heyman's Hall of Fame nod.

by Noman Rasool
Legend Talks 2-Time WWE Champ Inducting Heyman into Hall of Fame
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As WrestleMania makes its way to Philadelphia, one of the most calculated privations to grace the WWE Hall of Fame ring will likely be presented to Paul Heyman if WWE's rumor mill is any indication. In that fury, discussions are briskly running ground, where it would be very uncertain to say who that is going to be, not even a seemingly mutual direction by most fans have.

With that confidence now squarely in the front of many people's minds to expect it, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has weighed into the mix by suggesting CM Punk for the role. After all, with Punk's history with Heyman, maybe the former ECW mastermind himself is way overdue for the job.

Meanwhile, in one of the "Busted Open Radio" Bully Ray pieces, Ray elaborated further on why Punk is the ideal pick in receiving this honor. He elaborated on how the gross triceps injury that the star encountered put the product off of television just as he was to be transitioned into a new marquee program against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

With Punk now off of programming, WWE wants to maximize the value of its investment into the company's first Paul Heyman guy.

Heyman's Impact on Punk

CM Punk, in fact, goes on to say in some interviews that Heyman was literally paramount to much of his early success in WWE, with company executives really never getting it.

Their partnership was peaking in 2012 through Punk's second WWE title reign, where Heyman was serving as an outstanding manager up until the two fell out. Since last year, by 2014, mentions of getting back to WWE had been springing up all over with hearings of CM Punk in tow.

With such a history and placing in the career of CM Punk, Paul Heyman in the Hall of Fame induction will be more than symbolic, the show of tribute to their legacy together. With the wrestling world in Philadelphia quite like an equal crazy ball of yarn on steroids by the onset of WrestleMania, the timeless ties Paul Heyman is likely to have, be they through his protege's potential, with CM Punk's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, only underline what underlies it all: deeply whirring long-term affiliation into the storylines that spike up sport, and this is going to be one helluva remembered wrestling moment.