WWE Star, 35, Supports Bianca Belair with Touching Message

WWE Stars Rally Around Belair Amidst Challenges.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Star, 35, Supports Bianca Belair with Touching Message
© Bianca Belair/YouTube

In an inspiring display of camaraderie within the WWE universe, Superstar Dakota Kai has come forward with a heartfelt message of support for Bianca Belair as the WWE community gears up for an electrifying episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

This gesture of solidarity comes in the wake of Bianca Belair's announcement as one of the cover stars for the highly anticipated 2K24 game, alongside notable wrestlers Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley. However, the celebration was marred by a disheartening incident where a minor segment of fans directed racist comments at The EST, sparking a wave of support from fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Dakota Kai, the 35-year-old wrestling icon, took to social media to extend her backing towards Belair, reiterating a previous post that shed light on Belair's unwavering support during Kai's comeback from an injury. Kai praised Belair's authentic and selfless nature, underscoring her genuine character with the words, "Stays true.

A real one." This act of solidarity not only highlights the strong bonds formed within the wrestling community but also showcases the collective stand against racism and discrimination.

Lynch Praises Belair

Adding to the chorus of support, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch also stepped forward to commend Bianca Belair, further solidifying the network of backing Belair has received.

In a moving tribute to Belair's resilience and dedication, Lynch, popularly known as The Man, lauded Belair's exceptional commitment to her craft. Lynch's tweet celebrated Belair's unparalleled work ethic, her vibrant personality, and her profound heart, emphasizing that Belair is "truly 1 of 1!" This collective stand by Dakota Kai, Becky Lynch, and the broader WWE community not only serves as a beacon of support for Bianca Belair but also sends a powerful message against the backdrop of prejudice.

It reaffirms the WWE's commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, where the talents and achievements of its stars are celebrated, free from the shadows of discrimination. As the WWE continues to navigate through these challenges, the unity and support demonstrated by its stars shine as a testament to the enduring spirit of the wrestling world.

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