WWE Tag Team Appears to Have Received a Brand Refresh

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by Noman Rasool
WWE Tag Team Appears to Have Received a Brand Refresh
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The Creed Brothers provided an NXT attraction: a raw kinetic talent with Ivy Nile in constructing a stereotype value for their virtues inside a circle. The exhaustion of an over-long ACL rehab finally came with the debut on the main roster, as revealed on the October 30 episode of RAW, but it truly dawned on one when they made their real statement for viewers.

This promising duo debuted in a match against Alpha Academy and took a convincing victory over Otis and Gable so that they assured it from the first, their authority on the premier WWE platform. But a recent treatment indicated that WWE is absolutely going in a fresh direction with The Creed Brothers.

Their showing on February 22, available on WWE Network, showed a marked difference in how they are presented. Both Brutus and Julius received new hair and body makeovers; impossible changes to their character received new introductions, new ring gear, entrance music, innovative graphics, and logos.

Repackaging Unveiled

This would mean a strategic rebrand something malleable maybe, likely with the potential to reconcile alt pro-wrestling energy, The Creed Brothers' image with changing dynamics of main roster life. Coming up with something new was beyond stereotypes; face paint from NXT, and whatever the hell is footballer chic, but their new getups promise to breathe fresh life into the characters and possibly rope in more fans, starting new narratives.

Fans and analysts, at large, will keep an eye close to the integration of these changes on Monday Night RAW, which will impact The Creed Brothers' rise in the WWE trajectory. With expectations already set through their early main roster success, with this packaging, WWE seems intent on these two getting whatever they can.

It thus almost is like packaging the repackaging of the superstars, such as the Creed Brothers, to keep up with state-of-the-art in entertainment and keep the concept of their product fresh in sports entertainment, which is always revolving.

Where this new direction will take the Creed Brothers is a question totally up in the air, but one thing is sure to be correct: a thrilling new chapter has definitely opened in their WWE careers.

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