The Rock Teases SmackDown Return: WWE Universe Buzzes

WWE icon ignites anticipation with a bold Instagram message.

by Noman Rasool
The Rock Teases SmackDown Return: WWE Universe Buzzes
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WWE superstar The Rock has begun gearing up to deliver a long-anticipated appearance in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, finally spreading across the wrestling fan community in the shortest notice of three words finely spread over Instagram.

In another move set to truly light up the WWE Universe, The Rock – going under his ring name, that is – from his time at the United States Wrestling Association of Flex Kavana – went onto social media to allude to his return to Memphis in time for the show, serving only to raise the temperature on what was already an electric lineup.

In a conduct where ten days ago, The Bloodline threw a gauntlet last week at SmackDown, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins picked up the gauntlet and not only threw a challenge to The Rock and The Bloodline members but also accepted a match against the two and have agreed upon that they would battle it out in with a tag team match against one another at WrestleMania XL Night One.

To the derogatory comments from The Rock on his family, replied his face to with a slap only more adding fuel to the hostility which has probably built up against him that Rhodes.

The Rock's Heel Turn

The Rock talked more about this WWE return look at the heel turn in the heat of the Cody Rhodes and Bloodline situation.

This past week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," it was The Rock's first appearance on WWE programming in seven years when he appeared at the Staples Center before the WrestleMania 37 weekend. "The Rock" said that in playing the character he is characterized to perform, it therefore grants him the freedom to say the most outrageous things that his secretly loved' fans.

He was equally charismatic in sharing the moments that had the audience in stitches. Already the tension is sky rocketing between both Rock and Cody Rhodes after their respective altercations previous week. With that, the next installment has a number of fans watching SmackDown with high hopes as they are busy speculating on whether the giants will come face to face again with one another in what's likely to be an explosive ramp up for the current WrestleMania date between the Rock and John Cena.

Ending his tornado of a week with just a touch of comedy, "The Rock" surely walls it off by recounting an incident of tussling behind the scenes with John Cena at the 2024 Oscars, another supreme NBA ability to implant comedy into one's public persona.

With SmackDown rolling through Memphis, all eyes will go back to the Great One, as the shenanigans he has wrought over the past month will come full circle for the main event of the evening. Wrestling junkies and casual viewers are urged to tune in, as this episode of SmackDown has certainly gained must-see event status on the WWE schedule this week.

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