Ex-WWE Celebrity Embarks on Coaching Role at the Performance Center

Wrestling Legend Imparts Wisdom at Elite Training Facility

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Celebrity Embarks on Coaching Role at the Performance Center
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It becomes the cornerstone for bringing up new talents aboard and rejuvenating the skills for elder wrestlers before stepping back into the ring. It becomes a facility of importance in the lives of wrestlers that are targeting to sharpen their prowess, with stars like CM Punk and Jade Cargill finding their way to the center to gain their competitive advantages.

Now standing inside the NXT Performance Center are longtime former wrestling stars, now inductees, to bridge that education as guest coaches of the Performance Center. Not only did the current roster benefit, but more impact was also done in the training environment by enjoying experiences and techniques that were pleasing in the eyes.

Dave Taylor's Coaching Week

Dave Taylor, a respected name whenever associated with both WWE and WCW, has created waves within the wrestling community on his sighting at the Performance Center. Known for his technical brilliance, Taylor is going to be serving as a guest coach and will dedicate a week, aimed at educating the future world of WWE champions.

His being in the facility is a lot of experience being leveraged for free by WWE, especially when WrestleMania 40 is just a few years away. Heading into his first match since September of last year, there was wild speculation all week as fans and insiders took excited speculation to Twitter and elsewhere.

It's already looking like, for the first time since his final seen appearance on WWE TV in 2008, he may soon be stepping back into an NXT ring. All the while, as WrestleMania week progresses, now, the wrestling world pays attention: will Taylor, or one of the other wrestling luminaries who journey to Tampa, make a surprise appearance and crank up the volume on an event that the Hall of Fame ceremony has increasingly become? This development once more defines the Performance Center hub in shaping the future of wrestling and bridging the gap in the legacy from legends of yesterday to the emerging talents of tomorrow.

Now that the road to this year's WrestleMania 40 gets into a state of readiness, the wrestling world sits with batted breath to know just what more surprises will yet be in store for it before that day comes.

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