Bray Wyatt Excluded from 2024 WWE Hall of Fame

Wrestling world mourns the loss of a unique talent

by Atia Mukhtar
Bray Wyatt Excluded from 2024 WWE Hall of Fame
© Bary Wyatt/Reddit

A favorite of many wrestling fans, Wyatt died of a heart attack in July 2021. This move happened right on the heels of some list leaks in the SquaredCircle subreddit, which have been mostly accurate at predicting the Class of 2024 inductees.

It is this list that has till date identified and posted the name of inductees long before the official announcements like The U.S. Express, Mohammad Ali, and Thunderbolt Patterson. With earlier reports noting the names expected to be inducted for the 2024, WWE insiders have now confirmed that all names for the 2024 class have been officially released, with the confirmation of Lia Maivia induction.

That leaves Wyatt as the last straightforward selection missing from the line up, despite the forecasts that he would be catered to during the earlier in the ceremony this year.

Bray Wyatt's Legacy

Now known by the ring name Bray Wyatt, the world of wrestling suffers the shock and dismay of having had to let go of an enigmatic and captivating in-ring presence, which is, in real life, none other than Windham Lawrence Rotunda.

This surprising news is something that every fan and even fellow wrestlers put up for all to struggle with. Just right now, in one of the Dave Meltzer newsletters, it was cited on the Wrestling Observer that earlier Bray Wyatt was being considered for induction, though now some change in plan is there.

Wyatt had also hinted at his induction later, making it clear that the decision isn't totally scrapped. Among all the developments, WWE is reportedly working with a documentary of some sort on Bray Wyatt, where they will be taping the content and interviews from some of his real close people, which includes his real-life brother Bo Dallas, while he was at work.

The project details are yet to be revealed, but the upcoming project is surely WWE's commitment in respect of Bray Wyatt. It's fans who have taken into their hand through Twitter and other social networks to remember the legend and want that possibly one day he will be in the list for the Hall of Fame of the WWE.

Bray Wyatt