The Miz Shots at Logan Paul Before WWE RAW Showdown

WWE drama heats up with a poster edit feud.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Miz Shots at Logan Paul Before WWE RAW Showdown
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In a significant development that has set the WWE Universe abuzz, the announcement of SummerSlam 2024's location in Cleveland, Ohio, has sparked a heated exchange between two of WWE's most prominent figures. The Miz, a seasoned veteran of the ring, expressed his discontent loud and clear following the omission of his presence from the promotional activities, specifically targeting Logan Paul, his erstwhile ally turned rival.

The history between The Miz, dubbed "The A-Lister," and Logan Paul, known as "The Maverick," is complex and fraught with betrayal. Their alliance was brief yet impactful, with Miz guiding Paul through his inaugural WWE match at WrestleMania 38, where they triumphed over The Mysterious.

However, their partnership disintegrated, leading to a series of confrontations that saw Paul emerge victorious in singles competition at SummerSlam and later secure another win in an Elimination Chamber qualifier, establishing a 2-0 record against The Miz.

Miz Mocks SummerSlam Poster

The recent announcement by WWE officials spotlighted Paul in promotional materials for the upcoming SummerSlam event, scheduled to take place at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. This decision did not sit well with The Miz, who took to Instagram to voice his displeasure.

In a clever jab, he posted a doctored version of the event's poster, featuring WWE veteran R-Truth's face superimposed over Paul's, accompanied by a taunting caption aimed at rectifying the oversight. As tensions mount, both The Miz and R-Truth are poised to secure their positions at WrestleMania XL, facing off against Veer and Sanga in a crucial qualifier.

Meanwhile, the Undisputed Tag Team Championship is up for grabs in a match that promises high stakes and intense competition. Adding to the spectacle, Triple H, WWE's Chief Content Officer, has teased major plans for SummerSlam, indicating a blockbuster event filled with surprises.

His cryptic message to Logan Paul on X suggests intriguing developments and a need for further discussions to finalize the details. With the 37th annual SummerSlam event drawing near, the WWE community is gearing up for an unforgettable celebration in Cleveland.

The city is buzzing with anticipation, not only for the main event but also for a week filled with engaging fan activities and community initiatives, culminating in the go-home edition of SmackDown at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

As WWE continues to weave intricate narratives and build towards electrifying showdowns, the stage is set for a summer spectacle that will undoubtedly captivate fans worldwide, showcasing the best of what professional wrestling has to offer.

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