Cody Rhodes Mocks The Rock in WWE RAW History Repeat

Wrestling titans clash in a war of words on Raw.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Mocks The Rock in WWE RAW History Repeat
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Yesterday on Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes launched an angry verbal tirade on none other than the Rock, reviving old memories of the past encounters. The heated exchange comes at the heels of last Fridays Night SmackDown when Cody Rhodes, of course following the 2024 Royal Rumble win, delivered a memorable "Rock Concert" lambasting his prey to public scorn.

Jumping at the chance to get back at him, Rhodes took it to a searing law, notably branding The Rock as a "carny succubus," an insult he only used once in 2019 in reference to AEW star Chris Jericho. "That's the kind of thing you are, Rock; you're the personification of a bad salesman and a carny succubus.

You never heard of a petulant complainer? Look in the mirror." This repeat underlines how the animosity parallel was taking promotions and time into context between the two groups.

Locker Room Unrest Escalates

Well, as of now, it is not within the WWE's PG ratings, this animosity between Cody and The Rock and had already started oozing out in a few Rock's recent appearances.

And, according to WWE's writer Vince Russo quoted by Legion of Raw via Sportskeeda Wrestling, this has triggered off a landmark in the locker room. Russo then serves him a side order of what he perceives to be hypocrisy – the Rock got to swan around free, saying exactly what he wanted to say, and the rest of the locker room didn't.

Over the top, as heat in WildFire soared into WrestleMania Night One, it only went so far as to inject its progression into its many subplots until it finally brought that long-in-the-making match setup: the tag team that saw Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins standing opposite each other and featuring the pairing of The Rock and his cousin, Roman Reigns.

This is now sure to be both a key match for the show and its own place in history—the trajectory of The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes takes their rivalry from the mic to the ring.

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