WWE's Baron Corbin Finds Fan Cheers 'Weird'

Baron Corbin experiences unexpected fanfare in wrestling world

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Baron Corbin Finds Fan Cheers 'Weird'
© Baron Corbin/YouTube

In that twist of the biggest irony, this time the object of jeers, which is usually Baron Corbin, was taking in cheers from the crowd. His newfound shift in emotions had an intrinsic link with a collaboration through Bron Breakker, with whom Corbin managed to clinch the WWE NXT Tag Team Championship.

If anything, the very team that was branded "The Wolf Dogs" somehow found even the microcosm of a soft spot within this universe, as an ad-hoc highlight that Corbin pointed to during the recent edition of "WWE's The Bump." Corbin has been confused about the sudden change they have gone through.

"I still can't quite wrap my mind around the idea that not all entrances are met by a complete roar of disapproval through a house. "Who would have thought that teaming with some big, stupid animal like Bron Breakker would not only lock down gold for me, but hammer the hearts of the fans into my hands?" he said of the extreme shift.

Corbin Blocks Critics

Corbin laughingly added that he had up to that time blocked many detractors, to which he added, "Problem is all these people are probably the same dudes that are blocked right now." This notably marked an important Corbin career reflection, as rare reception of being received with affection he experiences while in Paris in 2023, and then for the special for that night, not only breaks his usual long losing streak by being victorious over Rick Boogs but there are very different faces of support coming from the live audience.

This new chapter in the Corbin saga stands for the overwhelming and continuous nature of wrestling storylines, operations running in tandem with the intricate relationship between the people who do the performances and those who cheer and boo.

As the Wolf Dogs growl on in their scrappy journey, capturing imaginations for toots and whistle-blowers all around, Corbin has turned from villain to cheered-on WWE Champion, underlining that it's not just the professional wrestling direction, but the winds of change blowing where they will, ever to the most unlikely of transformation, leading to a fan's new adoration from around the world.

Baron Corbin